The opera carmen and gender roles

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Through the Lens of a Baroque Opera: Gender/Sexuality Then and Now

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Operetta is a genre of light opera, light in terms both of music and subject matter. A look back on Stan Lee's life in photos.

Tertiary Sexual Characteristics

Comics writer Stan Leedied on Monday at the age of 95 after a lifetime creating some of the most iconic and beloved Marvel characters. In my analysis of gender and sexuality, I focus on these three male characters: the title character Julius Caesar; Cleopatra's brother, King Ptolemy of Egypt; and Cleopatra's servant Nirenus.

The premiere cast featured castrati in all three roles: Senesino, Gaetano Berenstadt, and Giuseppe Bigonzi, respectively. J onathan Munby's production of Bizet's opera plays it straight but with an intelligence that throws constant light on the characters and their inner complexity.

He surrounds them, too, with detailed interventions by the chorus that emphasise the conventional gender roles that Carmen dares to subvert but which her antagonist, Don José, can neither. Let’s take a look at the opera Carmen. We like to think of Carmen as a strong, independent woman who is owned by no man, but in the end, it is a man who is her demise.

We like to think of Carmen as a strong, independent woman who is owned by no man, but in the end, it is a man who is her demise.

The opera carmen and gender roles
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