Understanding the phenomenon of tornadoes and its devastating effects

Effects of Tornadoes

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The closest thing to which we can compare this natural phenomenon is the vortex that water makes when strong force starts to pull water down the drain.

Hurricane Damages and Effects

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Lenny as of November 17 was slightly stronger than Hugo at landfall in South Carolina in There are also predictions that an increase in temperature will not only increase the frequency of hurricanes, but will, in fact, increase their intensity, that is, make them stronger and more fierce and damaging as well.

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As humans, our environment consistently exposes us to a variety of dangers. Tornadoes, lightning, flooding and hurricanes can all hamper our survival. Tornadoes Tornadoes could be one of the most amazing phenomena?s ever, with their destructive power and it?s spontaneous movement it is looked at, as one of the most feared natural disasters ever.

The United States is the #1 tornado country in the world. Tornado season is well underway, initiated this year by the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, but severe storms and natural disasters can happen at any time. Mar 30,  · Although storm surge is perhaps the most dangerous and destructive part of a hurricane, its winds and heavy rains can be felt well inland from a storm's landfall.

Chapter 39 - Disasters, Natural and Technological DISASTERS AND MAJOR ACCIDENTS. Pier Alberto Bertazzi. Type and Frequency of Disasters.

Inthe 44th General Assembly of the United Nations launched the decade for the reduction of frequency and impact of natural disasters (Lancet ).

Understanding the phenomenon of tornadoes and its devastating effects
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